From the recording I Wanna Be a Superhero!

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I recorded this during the quarantine of 2020 on my laptop using nothing buy my acoustic guitar a midi keyboard, and a 2010 MacBook Pro, but the song is not new. I wrote it for my son after 9/11. It took another disaster for me to get it recorded. Hope it gives you some encouragement!


I wanna be a superhero!
I wanna be a man of steel.
I wanna leap the tallest building.
I wanna know how good it feels.

I wanna swing from spider webs
And see with x-ray eyes.
I wanna feel invincible
And be the ruler of the skies.


I wanna hide behind a mask
That's recognized wherever I roam.
I wanna live a secret life.
I wanna keep my face unknown.

I wanna drive in flashy cars
Any fly without machines.
I wanna be the one you love.
I want to know just what it means.