From the recording The Underwear Song

I asked my son for help folding laundry.  He said folding laundry was boring.  So I  put boxers on my head and started singing.  What came out became my most popular song.  I played it that same day on a big stage in Newtown Square.  My three year old daughter climbed up on stage with me and sang along.  That day I became known as the guy with boxer shorts on his head.  Try to explain that on a resume.


The Underwear Song
Guitar chords: D-G-A (3x) D-G-A-A7
Don’t look up top.  Don’t look down there.
It’s under here.  It’s underwear.
Sometimes they’re big. Sometimes they’re skinny.
They might be pink. They might be Jimmy’s.
They cover up everybody’s fanny.
They might be your sister’s. They might be your granny’s.
Sometimes they’re clean.  Sometimes they’re dirty.
Don’t talk about it, if you’re over thirty.