From the recording The Ballad of Poor Gil

My son's six year old friend Danny told this story in the back of my car on our way to a karate lesson.  "Hey Joey, you won't believe what happened.  My fish died, and my mom flushed it down the toilet, but it didn't go down, so I pooped on it."  Enough said.


The Ballad Poor Gil
Guitar chords: D-G-C
Poor Gil, he can’t swim anymore.
He just floats, and to eat is a chore.
His belly shines at the top of the bowl.
Mom said, he can’t stay there no more.

Poor Gil, he just floats round the rim.
Poor Gil, the green net’s come for him.
It’s time.  My mom told me that it’s for the best.
One flush, off to his final rest.

Poor Gil, he was always so good to me.
Poor Gil, but I guess it was meant to be.
Poor Gil, my mom called it a burial at sea,
And now, I think of him when I have to pee.