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  • Jan 26 PJ Library Event at JCC Wilmington, DE
  • Mar 5 Corbit-Calloway Memorial Library Odessa, DE
  • Apr 16 Aston Public Library Aston, PA
  • May 30 Linvilla Orchards Strawberry Festival Media, PA
  • Jun 23 Amelia Givin Library Mt. Holly Springs, PA

Silly Joe Writes!

Books!  Books!  Books! 

Coming soon from Schiffer Books, Big Billy and the Ice Cream Truck that Woudln't Stop! 

Like Big Billy?  Check out my buddy Joe Simko's work.  He's the illustrator of Big Billy with a series of his own called Sweet Rot.

Looking for something more adult?  Here's a novel for teens and adults called Sporks!  about life in an all boys Catholic School.  If you went there, you'll understand.

Poor Gil and Other Stories - Songs in CD and MP3 formats

Described by the School Libraries Journal as "wonderfully irreverent," Poor Gil takes aim at everything from Dad's messy car to Mom's propensity for flushing dead goldfish.  Kids love "Princess in Training" and "Dumb Dog." Parents love the mix of humor and styles along with the full production that maintains the loose spirit of Silly Songs while adding full arrangements and colorful instrumentation.  This CD is a must for family car trips.