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Silly Joe Writes!

Books!  Books!  Books! 

Coming soon from Schiffer Books, Big Billy and the Ice Cream Truck that Woudln't Stop! 

Like Big Billy?  Check out my buddy Joe Simko's work.  He's the illustrator of Big Billy with a series of his own called Sweet Rot.

Looking for something more adult?  Here's a novel for teens and adults called Sporks!  about life in an all boys Catholic School.  If you went there, you'll understand.

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Price List:

"Silly Joe Sings Silly Songs" $10

"Poor Gil and Other Stories" $10

"Big Billy and the Ice Cream Truck That Wouldn't Stop!"  $17

"Big Billy" personalized with Audio CD $20

Sporks!  $10

Pay by check or credit card!  Just e-mail your purchase order to me,, and I will send you an e-mail order form complete with payment options.  

Silly Joe Sings Silly Songs - CD and MP3 Formats


Featuring the now famous "Underwear Song" and favorites like "Are We There Yet," and "I Wanna Be Grumpy," Silly Songs is a high energy collection of songs written from a kid's point of view.  Recorded on a minimal budget, it has a live feel often described as "the Violent Femmes for kids."  Featuring funny lyrics, crazy sounds, and simple production, it's pitch perfect pitch for kid fun.

Poor Gil and Other Stories - Songs in CD and MP3 formats

Described by the School Libraries Journal as "wonderfully irreverent," Poor Gil takes aim at everything from Dad's messy car to Mom's propensity for flushing dead goldfish.  Kids love "Princess in Training" and "Dumb Dog." Parents love the mix of humor and styles along with the full production that maintains the loose spirit of Silly Songs while adding full arrangements and colorful instrumentation.  This CD is a must for family car trips.

Big Billy and the Ice Cream Truck that Wouldn't Stop! - Illustrated children's book


     When the world's most evil, sinister, and wicked ice cream truck driver races past the children of Sweet Street, Big Billy marshals their forces to confront the villain. Armed with bikes, bravery, and a cunning plan, the children turn the wheels on the driver, creating delicious havoc. Sewer covers flip open, trees become launching pads, and military aircraft deploy parachuting children to stop the spiteful ice cream truck driver. The confrontation escalates until a dripping pile of ice cream and an unexpected act of kindness changes everything. Written with humor and illustrated with brilliant color, Big Billy is a story about the power of positive choices.

Sporks! - A Novel for Adults and Young Adults

"At Holy Cross High School, you were either a football player or a ...."

Welcome to the world of Sporks! a novel about life in an all boys Catholic school.  Set in the 1980’s, Sporks! chronicles the lives of Terry, Ducky, Moose, and Fetus, four sophomore cross-country runners obsessed with sporks, the hermaphroditic utensil that Ducky finds “beautiful and useless.”  The boys’ quest for sporks instigates a prank war between rival high schools that results in sporked lawns and religious statuary and a host of other trouble. 

Sporks! will make you laugh until you can’t.  A joyful romp interrupted by an ugly reality, Sporks! confronts the hierarchies, prejudices, homophobia, and hypocrisy of all boys Catholic school.  Reveling in adolescent antics, Sporks! ultimately aims at larger issues, like how can a church so defensive of pedophiles be so intolerant of homosexuals?  And, how can an institution committed to preserving the lives of the unborn show such blatant disregard for the safety of its youth?

Sporks grew from my own experiences as a student and teacher in Catholic schools.  It celebrates the imagination, energy, and camaraderie of youth, while documenting the sex scandal that ravaged my generation.  The novel examines the cost of the abuse, not only for the victims, but also for the millions of Catholics who, as children, believed and trusted their teachers and confessors, only to discover in adulthood that some of their heroes were predators.